Low Flow Groundwater Sampling and Monitoring App

Low flow groundwater sampling is used to collect groundwater samples from monitoring wells by reducing the amount of water extracted or purged before a sample is collected from the well. It simulates the ambient flow of the water by extracting water at a rate slower than 500 ml/min. The QNOPY groundwater sampling app and software platform follows the EPA method for low stress groundwater sampling procedure. Click here to download the EPA method documentation pdf.

The Ultimate Groundwater Monitoring Software for Environmental Firms

Switch from manual to digital with the QNOPY groundwater sampling app, designed to streamline the process of monitoring wells and checking water levels. QNOPY was designed for environmental professionals by environmental professionals – who have first hand field experience at the wells. QNOPY has served clients in the environmental industry for a decade, and offer the most comprehensive groundwater monitoring digitization software available. It’s our bread and butter!

The QNOPY groundwater monitoring app is compatible with smartphones and tablets, and allows users to conduct well water level checks, monitor flow meters, and identify hazardous waste without the need for paper reports. Ditch messy paper logs and optimize your field operations for a more efficient future.

Custom Formatted Groundwater Sampling Reports

At QNOPY we offer customized solutions for groundwater monitoring. You can let us know the exact parameters you’d like us to follow for unique operrations. We also have ready to go out-of-the-box groundwater monitoring forms. Here is a standard groundwater sampling field log you can use:

Groundwater Compliance and Data Accuracy

By utilizing QNOPY, businesses can ensure compliance with state regulations on groundwater monitoring systems. The app’s customizable features make it suitable for any job site, providing a practical approach to groundwater detection and hazardous waste monitoring.

In addition to simplifying data collection, the groundwater monitoring app helps in the timely detection of issues like the presence of harmful organic compounds in drinking water or malfunctioning flow meters. It supports the maintenance of groundwater levels and flow, preventing the spread of hazardous waste and protecting water supplies. The QNOPY groundwater sampling software also offers electronic storage of sampling results and quality inspections, making it easier to maintain records for compliance monitoring programs.

Whatever you require for your groundwater operations, you can count on QNOPY to build a fail proof solution that will stand the test of time and transform your field work. Learn more about our groundwater monitoring app features.

Groundwater Monitoring App Demo Video

Groundwater Sampling Form Broken Into 5 Sections:

Well Integrity Check: Flow of the application follows the field workflow. When you first get to the well you can record any issues with the wellhead, any repairs required, missing bolts, or water in the well vault etc.

Well gauging: Once the well is opened, you can record the depth to water, total depth of the well and product thickness in the gauging section.

Wellhead set up: Type of pump used, casing material, depth of the pump inlet, and type of water quality meter used is recorded in the wellhead section as you set up to start pumping the well.

Stabilization Parameters: You can record stabilization parameters in the parameters section. App calculates different between readings to show whether you got stabilization. Here is the default stabilization criteria used by the QNOPY App: 

Ph +/- 0.1 units
Conductivity +/- 0.3%
Turbidity +/- 10% NTUs when >10 NTU
DO +/- 0.3 units
Temp +/- 2 degrees
Salinity ­ NA
ORP +/- 10 units

Sample Information: Once the well is stabilized and you are ready to collect a sample, you can record sample information like ID, duplicate name, sample date and time, and analysis in the sample section. The sample name can be automated to follow certain formats such as: well name – quarter – year.

Groundwater, Soil Logs, Remediation, and Beyond

QNOPY offers a suite of full-service solutions for environmental firms looking to ditch paper and switch to digital field data collection and management. Save time, money, and energy by implementing a solution built for the future of environmental work – not the past.

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