EHS Audits with Qnopy Application

A construction site has lots of moving parts and many actors working on various activities. Everyone understands that health and safety should be a top priority. However, how do you manage compliance with the safe working procedures? Do you have an EHS program in place to track and correct any unsafe practices?

With the QNOPY platform you can perform EHS audits for your construction projects. Any unsafe behavior can be recorded with the mobile app and corrective actions can be taken on the spot.


You can organize your EHS questionnaire by topics such as housekeeping, electrical, or sanitation.

With the mobile app you can score the contractor’s conduct as good, bad, or ugly. Scores are recorded for each question in the checklist and you can add notes to describe the problem or give someone commendation. 

Field personnel can be coached and any coaching provided can be recorded with extra notes for each question.

You can track performance of a specific contractor or a specific project over time and observe whether the EHS program has a positive effect on the onsite safety culture.

Customized Dashboards:

A dashboard gives you a summarized view of your projects or personnel. Dashboards are configured for your requirements. You can pick from options such as map card, site summary card, graph card, or point report card.


Generate Field Logs


Want to give it a try?

Want to give it a try?