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What is QNOPY

QNOPY’s mobile and web-based field data information management system is a cutting edge technology solution for collecting, storing and reporting environmental, geotechnical, and construction engineering data.

With QNOPY, all field data is managed in a single, end-to-end system from initial data collection to data analysis and reporting, delivering real-time access to accurate, geo-synchronized data.

An affordable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, QNOPY is ideal for streamlining field data collection and management tasks by leveraging automated workflows to reduce engineering project timeframes and costs.

Collect Data on Tablets or Phones

Lease our tablets loaded with the QNOPY App or download QNOPY app on your own devices from Apple App Store or Google Play Store and contact us for activation code.

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Store Securely in the Cloud

Secured cloud storage for your field data. Multiple layers of security and data backups means you never have to worry about losing your field data again. Access your data anywhere and any time.

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View Data and Print Reports

Download data in pdf, excel, or word format. Edit and validate data on the web portal. Download data in custom EDD format to load to your internal database. Create GIS figures.

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Client Testimonials

  • "We have been using QNOPY for very large groundwater monitoring sites for over a year and half. The sites we use this program are outside the cellular network. Before QNOPY it used to be a struggle to manage the field data for hundreds of wells. I am very happy with how QNOPY has improved our efficiency and accuracy. The app works very well offline and field staff love how easy and intuitive it is. I would highly recommend QNOPY for groundwater monitoring"

    -Senior Project Manager

  • "The QNOPY application dramatically improved our speed and accuracy in completing our pavement rating evaluation for our client. The application was easily customizable and QNOPY provided great customer service and the technical expertise to ensure our needs were met.  The ability to upload the collected data instantly and review the data daily, helped our team by capturing missing road data before moving out of the collection area. We were more than pleased with the results and would highly recommend QNOPY for data collection purposes"

    -Senior Program Manager

  • "QNOPY is an out-of-the-box turn-key solution for collecting, managing, and reporting field data using customizable forms to suit your needs.  If you are collecting data in the field for existing conditions assessments, daily inspection reports, commissioning check lists, geotechnical reporting, this is the tool for you.  The pay as you go model eliminates the large capital outlay which might keep you from using a tool like this; in these times with tight margins you should consider using QNOPY.  The savings in productivity alone helps pay for this tool."

    -Senior Vice President

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