Dependable Mobile App and Database for Digitizing Field and Lab Data

A turnkey managed solution for environmental field and lab data. Move away from paper forms and see where digitization can take you.

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What's included in the QNOPY Platform Subscription?

mobile app

Mobile app for field data

Record any type of field data using QNOPY mobile apps available on iOS or Android platform. Our mobile apps work offline. Data is saved on your device and you can upload it to the cloud database when you have internet connectivity. You can take photos, make drawings, and have access to your project files in the mobile app.


Cloud database and web portal

Field and lab data is stored in a secured cloud-based database. You can access your field data as soon as it's recorded in the field. You can export field logs in PDF, WORD, or EXCEL formats. We do not hold your data hostage. You can download data in Excel or Raw database edd formats. We can also provide you with APIs. 


Technology management and support

We will provide you with implementation support to make sure your field data digitization initiative is successful. We have over 8 years of experience working with hundreds of users. We understand the challenges you would face when deploying a mobile app. We set up your forms, sites, and users and train your staff.

Unlimited Customizability

QNOPY offers the highest level of customization your company needs without the effort most digitization solutions require. Customer Success Engineers at QNOPY work with you to build your forms, make edits, build your reports, and implement your suggestions and updates to constantly improve our services.

Who uses QNOPY?

QNOPY is proud to be partnered with many great names in the Environmental Industry

We work with companies large and small to implement their digitization strategy. Whether you have 10 employees or 5,000, we got the experience to implement a scalable and dependable program for you.



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Laboratory Data with QNOPY Preview

QNOPY GIS Features


1. What's included in a subscription & what's the price based on?

Subscription Price is based on the amount of users. Our contracts run on a month-to-month basis, and you can cancel at any time. Unless the subscription is project-based, the platform includes unlimited customizable forms and customer support, with no limits on data usage.

2. How Can I get started using QNOPY?

To get started with us, schedule a virtual demo below. In the demo, we walk you through the app and web, and show you the forms you want to see- from soil, groundwater, daily logs, and more. From there, we'll build your forms and work with you to train your team and set up accounts.

3. What Type of Forms does QNOPY provide?

We pride ourselves on the amount of customizability we offer- we've built over 3,500 unique forms for our clients so far, and the number grows every day. We offer everything you may need- soil, groundwater, O&M, daily logs, health and safety, inspector daily reports, perimeter air monitoring, and any other form you can think of. See the link below to view some standard outputs:

4. Does the app work offline?

The QNOPY mobile app is designed to function in any location field data may be happening, including sites with poor connectivity. The app works completely offline- the only feature that requires wifi is syncing the data back onto the web. If there isn't connectivity available, the data will live safely on the app until service is reached and it can be uploaded.

5. Can photos be taken in the app?

Photos can be taken in the mobile app easily from any point in the form. Photos are geotagged, date and timestamped, and can be captioned or drawn on. All photos get uploaded with the data and attached to the final output. To learn more about photos with QNOPY, check out our blog post:

6. Can data be lost? Can mistakes be edited after the data is taken?

Data cannot be completely lost or deleted on the QNOPY platform. The system is set up so that every piece of information taken will be saved, and past projects or events are archived rather than deleted.

If data needs to be edited or deleted after it has been uploaded, anyone with admin permissions can edit the data and make changes after the fact using our web portal.

7. How long does it take for data to get uploaded onto the web?

Once data is synced from the mobile app, it takes anywhere from 0-5 minutes for the data to appear on the web portal for anyone to be able to view or edit.

8. Does the app work on iphone and android?

Yes. The app is fully functionable for both IOS and android devices.

9. What customer support is available?

We provide a chat box, phone number, and email for all support tickets to be submitted. The support email is, and the phone number is 1-866-766-7924.

10. What do we need to do ourselves? Form building, report edits, etc.?

The QNOPY customer engineers handle all of the form building, report building, and editing. Your job is to meet with us and help make sure everything looks how you want and is formatted correctly. We make it a point to do as much or as little as you want- we can teach you how to do your own project set up, user creation, locations/preset adding, and more. But, if you want you can always email us with a request and we'll happily set everything up for you. We also take it upon ourselves to train any new employees and make sure everyone is comfortable with the app and web.

Upcoming Events

W235- QAQC and Approval Workflow Webinar

When: Wednesday, February 1st at 1:00 pm EST

Join QNOPY Data Analyst Will Duffy in discussing approval workflow using the QNOPY mobile app and web portal. Will is going to go over the following:

  • Background information on the QNOPY app+ platform
  • Reviewing, editing, approving and rejecting data
  • Reviewing data as field staff are collecting it
  • Applications to health and safety, time sheets, environmental, construction, and more
  • Will Duffy, Data Analyst
    Will Duffy, Data Analyst