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Mobile Application for Environmental and Construction Field Data

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Why use QNOPY

Work remotely and stop using paper forms

Paper forms are a thing of the past. While everyone is working remotely during the pandemic, you need dependable technology to keep your team on the same page. With our Mobile App available on both Android and iOS platform, you can record any type of environmental or construction field data and keep it safe in a cloud database. 

No up-front costs

Get rid of paperwork and start recording data with no up-front costs. Call us today and we can get you started with standard environmental forms like Groundwater Monitoring, Soil Boring Logs, Soil Gas, or Daily Field Logs. Here are some of our standard forms: Qnopy Standard Forms

Perfect fit

We make sure that the app fits perfectly with your existing process. Don't change your process and you won't need lengthy training and onboarding. Our Apps are loved by field personnel. Read what they say about us

Save costs and increase profitability

You will save an average of one hour per day when you use the QNOPY Mobile app for recording field data. You can make your projects more profitable by subscribing to our platform. Want to learn how we are adding to our Client's bottomline? Click here to schedule a call with us and let us show you.

Completely managed technology

You can start using our mobile app today and digitize all your field data. Pick from standard forms or send us your forms and we will set them up. We have built over 1,600 forms. Let us manage the technology so that you can focus on your projects!

The QNOPY Platform

QNOPY Digitization Platform is a combination of three parts - Mobile App for recording data in the field, Cloud-based database and Web Portal, and Customized Reporting and Data Management Services.

mobile app

Mobile app for field data

Record any type of field data using QNOPY mobile apps available on iOS or Android platform. Our mobile apps work offline. Data is saved on your device and you can upload it to the cloud database when you have internet connectivity. You can take photos, make drawings, and have access to your project files in the mobile app.


Cloud database and web portal

Field and lab data is stored in a secured cloud-based database. You can access your field data as soon as it's recorded in the field. You can export field logs in PDF, WORD, or EXCEL formats. We do not hold your data hostage. You can download data in Excel or Raw database edd formats. We can also provide you with APIs. 


Technology management and support

We will provide you with implementation support to make sure your field data digitization initiative is successful. We have over 6 years of experience working with hundreds of users. We understand the challenges you would face when deploying a mobile app. Let us show you how.