Manage Projects

Project dashboard

  • Click on the “My Projects” from the left menu to go to the Project Dashboard
  • You will see all the projects you have project management access for (client admin would see all the projects under your company account)
  • Table shows when a project was created, the users assigned to the project, and number of field points or wells a project has
  • You can select multiple projects and assign them to multiple users at once

Create or Edit Project

  • To create a new project click on Create Project on top right 
  • Select Edit Project from the action drop down next to the project name: image-29
  • You can do the following by clicking on the action button: 
    • Add/manage Forms
    • Add/manage Users
    • Add/manage field point filters
    • Projet folder
    • Field points page
    • Other settings – (this does not apply to all projects)
  • Each form assigned to the project is represented as a box
  • Form options include: 
    • Manage default values
    • Remove/delete form from the project
  • You can manage Field Points or wells by clicking on the 
  • Field points added under a form will be visible only for the form you select in the mobile app