System Operation and Maintenance for a soil vapor extraction and treatment system

System operation and maintenance field logs are challenging to digitize as the forms and the field work flow varies for each system. QNOPY created a custom solution for a SVE system in San Jose, California and completely digitized the field data workflow. The solution is being used for over two years and has achieved significant cost savings for the client along with better control and quality of data. The SVET system has multiple components and different types of data is recorded for several monitoring points. Mobile app guides the technicians to record all the required parameters and improves the data quality by validating the entries in the field. Field logs are exported in Excel edd format as well as formatted PDFs. With QNOPY, the consultant has completely automated the OMM process and has achieved better quality data with permit compliance.

Project Setup & Challenges:

  • Soil vapor extraction and treatment system comprises of 23 extraction wells, 3 manifolds, a blower, knockout tank, a thermal oxidizer and carbon vessels
  • Certain parameters such as PID, flow rate, and vacuum are measured at the system manifold
  • Valve positions for all the extraction wells is recorded
  • Equipment calibration logs need to be maintained
  • Permit limits are apply for the flow rate, oxidizer temperature, and effluent PID reading
  • In case of any permit limit exceedances the project manager must be notified
  • Parameters are recorded in a specific sequence in the field

QNOPY solution overview:

QNOPY created a customized solution for the SVETs O&M data management. Long field log was broken into subforms for following the field workflow and permit limits were set as in-app validations. When any parameter was outside of the historic range the field technicians are notified with a warning message. Once the field data is uploaded into the cloud database, field logs can be generated and exported into PDF, WORD, or EXCEL formats. Custom export formats were setup for exporting the data into EXCEL workbook. 

  1. QNOPY provided cellular tablets along with the software subscription
  2. QNOPY built forms for the O&M field data and worked with the client to fine tune the forms until the field technicians were satisfied with the setup
  3. Three types of in-app validations were set up:
    • Not to exceed limits – readings outside this range are not accepted
    • Warning limits – when a reading exceeds warning limits, the user is notified
    • Mandatory fields – technicians must record certain fields before submitting the forms
  4. An email notification is sent to the project manager when any of the permit limits exceed in the field
  5. Daily logs can be exported in WORD, EXCEL, or PDF formats from the web portal
  6. Electronic Data Delivery (EDD) were setup for the data to be exported as an EXCEL workbook with multiple sheets

Results achieved:

  • Complex system O&M field data collection was completely digitized
  • Avoided non-compliance as all the required parameters were always recorded in the field
  • Notification emails to the project manager helped address any issues with the system quickly
  • Project manager can optimize the system performance as the data is available in real time. Any tweaks to the system can be made while the technicians are still on site
  • Eliminated the cost of transcription of field logs
  • Improved data quality and integrity
  • Time series charts can be created easily to view trends in the parameter readings

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