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You can start recording field data with our mobile app within minutes. We recommend a Proof of Concept (POC) implementation for you to see for yourself how user-friendly our app is and how awesome our customer service is. Give us a call at 866-766-7924 and we will get you set up within minutes. You can pick a plan that works best for you:


$59 per month
  • Photo log and Daily Log forms
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Project Folder
  • Email Workflow
  • Limited Support


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  • Everything from LIGHT +
  • Unlimited customized forms
  • Approval & email workflows
  • Task & event scheduler
  • Access to lab data module


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  • Everything from STANDARD plan +
  • Dedicated Support
  • Custom forms and reports
  • Custom training videos
  • Custom Dashboards
  • API integration

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Here is what our clients say about our service

Off the bat, QNOPY has a great support system. Improvements and new features are introduced periodically in response to user requests. The response time is good (<10 min) for updating data as it is being collected. The multifaceted forms on the tablets keep the data organized and relatively easy to find. File formats are available for download which make the data even easier to parse. The calendar feature is nice for retrieving historic data. The dashboard can be intimidating on first look, but the layout is pretty easy to navigate. There are many features which can be accessed via the tabs.

-Nick V.

I like being able to see what is happening in the field in real time. I like having a professional looking field sheet that i can incorporate into my reports without additional effort. I like having digital data that can be incorporated into the database without additional QC efforts. I like that the program saves us time and money.

-Nader S.

Decreased time in the field and time in the office due to a streamlined data capture, QA/QC, and reporting process. The added features of the app have been an important tool for much of our fieldwork. For instance, the ability to capture an aerial view and check the surroundings of the sites has allowed us to find issues in the field that we would not have observed on our own.

-Josh C.

Before Qnopy, we would write down data on these field sheets, go back to the office, review them and enter all these field sheets into excel tables. Qnopy allows you to streamline that process by collecting the data on tablets, and upload them instantaneous online to review and download. Overall, it saves time and money. The support staff was really great at responding to our concerns, and customized the app to our needs.
-Nada K.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the user account tied to a named user?

Yes, one user subscription provides access to one user per month. User account can't be shared. Each user must have their own account to access the QNOPY Service

What do I get with the user subscription

You can access the mobile app which is available on iOS or Android platform and Web Portal. Same user credentials work in the mobile app and Web.

We typically have multiple samplers. Can everyone see each other's data?

Yes. QNOPY App supports team collaboration. Each user has access to all other user's data for a project, granted they have access to the project.

What is the support needed for?

Support includes resolving any issues with the mobile app, mislabeled data, managing user accounts, helping with project setup, and any troubleshooting tasks.