List of Values (LOV)

List of values are named lists that hold available options for a form dropdown of Autocomplete or MultiAutocomplete fields. For example if you have a Autocomplete field for weather then all the options for weather are stored under a “Weather Conditions” LOV.

The dropdown options or LOV items can be

  1. global (visible to all)
  2. client specific (visible to anyone in your organization)
  3. or site specific (visible under only the specified site)

Any changes that you make are final and will be available to all the users under your organization.

Manage List Items

  • From the quick links menu image-83 select option LOV
  • Select a form for which you want to edit the dropdown list items
  • Click on the Edit button  next to the LOV to update the options
  • To add new options click on the  button
    • Item Name is shown to the end user and 
    • Item Value is what is stored in the database as observation
    • You can also add additional description if need
  • You can specify a Site by selecting a site from the dropdown. However, note that if you select a site then the option you are adding will only be visible under that site
    • Download template
    • Copy and paste values in the template: 
    • And upload fileTo upload a large list, you can click on 

Step 1: Select form and then LOV:

Manage LOVs

Step 2: Add/Edit LOV Options:


Step 3: Enter Values: