Clients Speak

Jeff Woodward
Senior Construction Program Manager

Our team at JACOBS is using the QNOPY app on a major Interstate project for GDOT and could not be happier with the results. Definitely recommended.

The QNOPY application dramatically improved our speed and accuracy in completing our pavement rating evaluation for our client. The application was easily customizable and QNOPY provided great customer service and the technical expertise to ensure our needs were met.

Nader Sherif
Vice President
Terraphase Engineering

I like being able to see what is happening in the field in real time. I like having a professional looking field sheet that i can incorporate into my reports without additional effort. I like having digital data that can be incorporated into the database without additional QC efforts. I like that the program saves us time and money.

Jash Calkin
Principal Engineer

Decreased time in the field and time in the office due to a streamlined data capture, QA/QC, and reporting process. The added features of the app have been an important tool for much of our fieldwork. For instance, the ability to capture an aerial view and check the surroundings of the sites has allowed us to find issues in the field that we would not have observed on our own.

Nada Khan
Senior Engineer
Kroner Environmental

Before Qnopy, we would write down data on these field sheets, go back to the office, review them and enter all these field sheets into excel tables. Qnopy allows you to streamline that process by collecting the data on tablets, and upload them instantaneous online to review and download. Overall, it saves time and money. The support staff was really great at responding to our concerns, and customized the app to our needs.

Tiffany Wommack
Project Engineer

The QNOPY App is extremely beneficial to our project team. It allows our team to easily take photos, add descriptions, and a location tag. It definitely sets our team apart by: 1. Photo Logs are easy to generate and look professional. 2. Saves our field staff and office staff a large amount of time in generating photo logs and searing for photos. 3. Is an innovative app that allows us to utilize the map function for searching our photo database.

Moriah Mason
Staff Environmental Scientist

The QNOPY App was extremely helpful when using it for a groundwater monitoring sampling event. The display feature of the app that shows where the groundwater monitoring wells are located helps with locating them faster. While taking field parameters of the groundwater, it was helpful to have some aspects of the field log previously filled out and auto-populate.

Don Malkemus
Project Hydrogeoloist

A good way to document a field day. Convenient that the notes can combine with photos so easily

Kenneth Ruiz
Project Manager

I assisted a fellow Project Manager in gathering data in the field. QNOPY was a game-changer. It did a great job of standardizing each site audit and recording the necessary data all in one place. I was very impressed.

Aaron Lammers
Project Engineer

The QNOPY App is nice and easy to use. It makes it easy to collect information in a clear and concise way. Plus the option to add guide tips makes it so much easier to train staff on new features or if things are getting missed.

Ward McDonald
Project Geologist
Haley and Aldrich

QNOPY seems very user friendly and exactly what I have been looking for in a field application.

Rati Mandzulashvili
Senior Geotechnical Engineer
Haley and Aldrich

It's paperless and cloud based. Really like the options for different format outputs (pdf, word, and excel).

Eric Rivera
Speciality Consulting Inc

Easy to work with and use.