Simple photo log

Every site visit involves taking at least a few photos, but getting those pictures from your phone to a presentable report can be a nightmare and hours of work. Even when you download work photos to your computer and then put them in the right folder, their metadata, i.e. the timestamp, GPS coordinates etc. are lost.

QNOPY makes it simple for you. Just open the camera from the QNOPY App and take as many photos as you like. You can also upload photos from your phone’s gallery. Photo metadata is automatically collected, and you can draw on and crop the photos in the app! Once you upload your photos through QNOPY you can:

  1. Easily print formatted Photo Logs – PDF or WORD
  2. Email those photo logs from your phone to your team with one click (don’t need to select photos, they get selected automatically)
  3. Search and download that one photo you took that showed a faulty part – within seconds
  4. Every photo is automatically time stamped and geocoded in the QNOPY database in addition to the metadata

We have clients that have uploaded 100,000+ photos in our system, saving them hours and hours of backend filing. Try it out today!

Photo log can be generated for any form. Want to know more?

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