System Operation & Maintenance

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Each environmental remediation system is unique. System forms for one SVE project don’t work for another and field workflow can be complex. It’s pretty difficult to set up the complex O&M forms with a form builder type app. Well, QNOPY is not just another form builder app. It is a platform designed specifically for the environmental industry. QNOPY app is flexible and can be configured to fit any type of remediation system. 

Customized forms

We work with you to create completely customized forms for your remediation system operation and maintenance. We make sure the flow of the app follows that in the field. We have built forms for soil vapor extraction, groundwater treatment systems, sub-slab venting systems, dual-phase extraction and treatment systems, thermal oxidizers, air sparge systems, injection systems using several types of substrate, and product recovery systems. 


Warning limits for form parameters help field personnel record better quality data. Calculations and default values can be set for each form parameter.

Warning Emails

Project managers are notified with emails as soon as a reading that is outside of a specified range is recorded in the field. 

Warning emails notify the project managers of any entries made in the field that are outside the acceptable range.

Work Summary Reports

We can create work summary reports to capture different types of activities conducted at your site. You might have a soil vapor system, product recovery system, and groundwater treatment system and your site. A work summary report can capture activities completed for all the systems at the site. 

Export data to different formats

System O&M data can be exported to Microsoft excel or as a Electronic Data Delivery (EDD) format for uploading into a different database. 

Plot Data

Project managers and engineers can plot data for selected parameters to view trends. They can select different parameters with different date ranges and view the chart in log scale. Charts can be exported in PNG, PDF, or JPG formats.

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