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Soil boring data can be exported in GINT or LogPlot format. Here is a standard boring log you can generate with QNOPY App:

Soil boring form form is broken into 5 sections:

Form Header Info:

Header section contains information such as drilling company, diameter of the soil bore, type of drilling method and total boring depth. 

Soil Description:

Record this section only for contact points. Soil classification section gives you a dropdown list of standard USCS codes to describe the soil. You can record soil moisture, density, consistency, sorting, as well as color with simple dropdowns. 

Sample and Recovery:

You can record any samples you collect and corresponding recovery for every 12 inches in this section. Unlike the Soil Description section, you would enter a depth range instead of a single contact point depth.

PID Readings:

PID readings can be recorded continuously and can be entered in this section. You may only have 5 readings for soil classification, but, record PID at every 2 feet interval. 

Product Encountered:

You can record any product you encounter in this section. You can leave it blank if no product is found in the boring.

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