Photo Digitization with QNOPY

Taking pictures is crucial for monitoring site activity. Using photographs to add a visual component to your notes allows clients or other team members who weren’t at the site to better understand the data collected. That’s why photo digitization is a key component of collecting successful data.

But when taking photographs means having to separately upload them from your camera and add them into your logs back at the office, things start to get complicated. Questions arise: Who took the photo? Where and when did they take it? What data set matches the photo taken? Is the photo the right size?

Photos with QNOPY

Photo Digitization is simple with QNOPY. QNOPY helps you avoid missing information and extra time spent organizing your photos. With the app, users are able to take a photo at any point during their data collection.

With each photo, the following information is automatically included:

  • The location of the photo
  • The date and time of the photo
  • Who took the photo
  • Any drawings or edits made to the photo
  • The ability to view the photo on a satellite map
  • The form the photo applies to
  • Captions added to the photo

Where do the photos go after you take them?

The best part of taking photos with QNOPY? There’s no need to separately collect data and compile your photos. Like the data collected, the photos are automatically saved in your attachments and uploaded onto the web, then visible in your report. You can also view your photos separately, in tabular or map view.

What happens if you take a photo outside of the app on your camera roll?

It’s easy to upload your photos from your gallery using the QNOPY app. No need to worry that your photos won’t be included.

Can you edit the photos?

You can draw on your photos- choosing the size, color, and apparatus being used. You can also add different shapes on top of the photos.

On the web, you can re-order the photos and edit your photo captions.

What other attachments can get added and saved in the photo log?

You can upload and draw on pictures of your map when allowing location services. You can also draw on any site documents. These live in the QNOPY gallery, along with any photos taken.

How can I get started taking photos with QNOPY?

To get started taking photos with QNOPY, click the button below:

or call our number, at 1-866-QNOPY-24