Environmental Data Collection App: Validate data in real time with QNOPY

QNOPY’s environmental data collection app can give real-time feedback to field staff and project managers and help you get ahead of violations before they happen. How? With risk-reducing limits and notifications, the QNOPY mobile app empowers the environmental industry to work confidently. 

Warning Values and Limits 

If you have company standards to meet or contractual limits to adhere to and want to ensure you and your field staff are meeting project requirements, the QNOPY field data mobile app is for you. Before going out to the field, easily set warning and limiting values from the QNOPY web portal. Warning values inform field staff if they’re approaching unacceptable values for any measurement, and limiting values won’t enable any entry that meets or exceeds the value. 

Field staff get instant feedback right in the app, and project managers can stay up to date as well. For critical violations, notifications can go out to project managers through the QNOPY web portal and even through email alerts so that everyone can be involved in quality assurance.  Quality assurance can take hours of company time after sampling and field data has already been taken, and getting everyone on the same page about critical measurements beforehand requires thorough training and follow up. Why not let QNOPY help and enjoy all the other benefits it has to offer? 

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Warning notification in the QNOPY environmental data collection App
Warning notification in the QNOPY environmental data collection app