The Tale of BOONOPY

All seemed great for Seth. Until one rainy afternoon at the office.. 

He was enjoying the beautiful field logs that had been automatically formatted for him, when he felt a chill run through his spine. It was almost Halloween, and Seth realized he could be in the presence of a something eerie..  

Seth had been working in the environmental industry for over 10 years, and was now a PM. He almost forgot his field days with paper forms. It didn’t seem so bad at the time. That is, until he found QNOPY! How did we survive without QNOPY, he thought, as he scrolled through the photos his field tech had taken that day on the beautiful QNOPY web portal. Suddenly he saw a reflection of something behind him.. 

It was the ghost of paper forms from the past! 

He quickly realized this was Martha’s fault! He yelled – Why Martha!!! She just won’t stop using paper forms.  

“QNOPY?” she said with contempt. “You young people and your technology! Why would I download an app? Paper has worked just fine for the last 140 years.”  

Seth had warned her that paper forms would cast a spell on her and they would haunt all her co-workers if she let them into the office again. He told her paper forms wanted to rope her in for eternity and would make her a data entry bot forever. But she didn’t listen… didn’t she remember that Bill died scanning paper forms until his last breath? 

“Seth…” The ghost said, “I understand that you don’t need me anymore. But, I will be here to haunt you, every step of the way. First, I’ll jam the printer and make Martha go mad. Good luck trying to leave when she’s buried under paper.”  

Seth shrieked with terror. How would he defeat the ghost of paper forms as long as people still believed in it? 

Just when he was about to give up, BOONOPY appeared. 

“MOO’ve away, paper forms!” she yelled. The ghost of paper forms emitted a blood curdling scream, just as Seth had a moment earlier.  

Seth watched as the ghost shriveled up into nothing. But, instead of completely disappearing, something remarkable happened… 

The ghost turned into a tablet. And QNOPY was already downloaded onto it! 

The tablet spoke then: “BOONOPY, thank you for relieving me of my suffering. I’m so much happier now that I can be useful to my field staff again!” 

Seth smiled and said, “BOONOPY, you saved us again! What would I do without you?” 

BOONOPY replied, “Probably be on paper forms”, and they laughed. 

The End!