Groundwater Monitoring App

Groundwater monitoring is one of the more detail oriented and complex tasks that environmental professionals conduct. In order to maximize time and ensure reliable data, organization and time saving features are crucial for success.

The QNOPY Groundwater Monitoring App was built with this in mind. The application streamlines your workflow and provides effective data collection and automatic report generation. Read below to learn about the following features:

  • stabilization parameters
  • location map view
  • presets
  • drop-downs
  • in-app calculations
  • well profile pictures
  • well status

Groundwater Monitoring Features:

Indicate Stabilization

The groundwater application has flags to help you know whether you’re nearing stabilization when taking parameter measurements. Fill in your temperature, pH, Specific Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, ORP, and Turbidity for each data set.

By the third set, you’ll see your past 2 measured values. A percentage value will appear that lets you know what range you’re in, and an orange or green shade will let you know how close you are to stabilization. Green means stable, orange means unstable.

Utilize Well Locations

You can upload a list of all the wells you’ll be sampling ahead of time. If you have hundreds of different wells to sample, it’s not an issue for our app! You can input 500 wells for a given project with their latitude and longitude, and then find them in map view on the mobile app.

Preset Values

Time saving pre-set values also mean that you can upload any information ahead of time. Casing diameter and material, measured well depth, location ID, etc. can all be input on our web portal so that users can avoid extra typing in the field.

Dropdowns + Calculations

Dropdowns and calculations also come in handy in this form.

Pick from multiple select for fields like type of well head, purge method, units, sampling type, casing material, and more. The form can also calculate your groundwater elevation, well volume, total volume to remove, purge and cumulative volumes purged, and more.

Utilize Split Screen View

When using our application on tablet, users are also able to see a split screen view of their measurements as they take them. View your formatted entries in table format on the left side of your screen to get visual progress on your stabilization parameters.

Well Profile Photo + Status

On the locations page, you have the option to include a well status and profile picture that give you more info on the sampled wells. Select the status of the well in the form (complete, in progress, not started), and the locations page will let you know which wells have already been sampled or started with a check mark or warning flag.

Well profile photos also make it easy to assure you’re at the right well; snap a photo and swipe it to the left in your attachments to set it as your profile photo on the location screen. This helps identify key markings of a given well so you can be sure you’re sampling the correct one.

Other General QNOPY Features

The Groundwater Monitoring app and all other forms have the following capabilties:

  • Take photos: At any point during your data collection, take or upload photos into the app. Photos include latitude and longitude, time and date, corresponding set, and captions- that get automatically attached at the end of your log.
  • Annotate photos/pdfs/satellite map: You can use the QNOPY draw tool to add lines, shapes, angles, and more to your different photos and documents. Annotate an uploaded site map, a photo you took in the field, or a satellite map of your location.
  • If-then questions: If you need to enable conditional formatting, whereby answering one question a certain way prompts different questions to appear, we can enable these in any form.
  • Email PDF: You can find your formatted log uploaded to our website; however, you can also email the log to yourself and your team members directly from the mobile app.
  • Voice to Text: Enable your dictation services on your phone or tablet and utilize the talk to text feature! Record your voice and save yourself from extensive typing.

Want to see the QNOPY groundwater monitoring app in action?