A Cownopy Christmas Tale

Deep in the north pole, there lived a man with a belly that shook like jelly with his loyal elves, reindeer, and… Cownopy

Cownopy may not be a flying reindeer, but that never meant she couldn’t help Santa out in other ways!

After all, we all know cows are native to the north pole…

It was December, and things were heating up in the north pole as usual. Santa was figuring out how many presents the elves had made and how many more there were to go, and it was starting to stress him out.

Being the helpful cow she was, Cownopy wanted to pitch in. She may not be able to fly, but she is resourceful.

After all, she had the QNOPY mobile app on her phone!

“Santa, how  do you track everything? It must be hard getting a present for every kid across the world.” she asked.

Santa nodded. “Every year, it gets harder and harder. I can’t hire any more elves or I won’t be able to feed me and the Missus.”

Santa continued, “Our current system works ok. Five hundred and seventy thousand elves track whether each kid is naughty or nice. They write down everything on scrolls. The scrolls then go back to our office admins to be entered into Excel. Our QA/QC department then checks if they’ve entered them in right.”

He went on, “We have two thousand elves just to double check the work of the other elves. Unfortunately, elves aren’t perfect and every year there are thousands of inaccuracies. Every year I have to sit down and sort through hundreds of complaints sent by angry kids. On top of that, last year we almost didn’t meet the deadline!”

Cownopy was starting to doubt his method, but Santa continued, “The tough part is the elves that pack the presents. They have to read the scroll and then pack accordingly. Sometimes the scroll they’re reading isn’t up-to-date. It’s a mess I tell you! But, we eventually get it sorted out.”

Cownopy instantly thought of a solution. “Santa…have you ever considered going digital?”

Santa shuddered. “No, I like to keep it old school. My paper scroll has never wronged me before! That’s what we have thousands of elves for.”

“Maybe, but what if there was a better way? That didn’t require you to hire thousands of new elves?” She offered.

Santa seemed to start warming to the idea. “Ok Cownopy, show me what you got!” he said enthusiastically.

Cownopy showed Santa the QNOPY App.  He could access a list of the kids and see them on a satellite map. With a simple click, he could press a button to show whether they were naughty or nice. And the best part? He could access all of it on his laptop and download complete reports of every kid in the world.

“Cownopy, you’ve done it again! What would we do without you this holiday season?”

Cownopy nodded humbly. Perhaps owning the QNOPY app was even better than being a flying reindeer with a bright shiny nose on Christmas.