COWNOPY wants you to stop using paper

Meet Cownopy (she/her), an environmentally conscious, tech savvy, carbon neutral cow that wants you to stop using paper forms. Cownopy only likes paper forms if she gets to eat them. Feed your paper forms to Cownopy and get ’em back in a mobile form! 

The COWNOPY Challenge

Cownopy is on a mission to get rid of clunky paperwork and digitize project data. 

If you support Cownopy’s mission then post a picture with Cownopy on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram and we will send you a QNOPY t-shirt. 


  • Express your interest in participating with marketing associate Emily Grasberger, email:
  • Send us your mailing address so we know where to send your COWNOPY
  • We will send you an email letting you know when your cow has shipped
  • Once you receive your cow, get your creative juices flowing! Take pictures of her at the worksite, with coworkers, while using the mobile app- whatever your heart desires!
  • Once you’re satisfied with your photo, post it to linked in, facebook, or instagram with the hashtag “COWNOPY” and tag QNOPY or send us an email ( letting us know
  • We will send you a complimentary t-shirt once you have posted

Sample Photos

Want to give it a try?