Industry Spotlight: 87% of Managers Recognize the Advantage of Field Form Digitization

“By switching to digital forms, construction companies can enhance their overall productivity and reduce their environmental impact,” notes an industry expert. Field form digitization is becoming the new normal of fieldwork.

Construction and environmental firms are turning a new page—quite literally—by upgrading their field data collection processes from paper to digital. This industry-wide move is more than just a nod to the digital age, it’s a conscious effort to boost efficiency and precision.

In the field, mobile technology has become the norm. “More than half (51%) of engineering and construction respondents use mobile technology during the design phase, and 37% use mobile in maintenance processes,” Forbes reports.

According to a BusinessWire survey regarding the path to digital transformation, the shift toward field form digitization happening. The question is, are you on board or not?

From the Survey:

87% of respondents are pursuing a digital transformation in either some or all areas of the business.

Respondents included 400 senior IT decision makers employed at companies with 1,500 or more employees across a wide range of industries. Nine out of 10 survey respondents reported that digital transformation has accelerated over the last 18 months, with dramatic changes in priorities led by new workplace and business realities. The responses also revealed that:

  • 90% expect IT modernization to have either a transformative or significant impact on their organization’s long-term growth, including 29% of those that have not yet begun the process. Those with enterprise-wide initiatives are significantly more likely to expect a transformative impact (54%) than those with only business unit initiatives (30%).
  • IT infrastructure optimization is expected to have the biggest impact on enabling innovation and revenue creation, followed by increasing use of As a Service delivery models providing consumption-based pricing for on-premises delivery. These predictions recognize the critical need for an infrastructure that supports digital dexterity, including rapid application development, as well as strict cost controls.
  • 89% of respondents report that existing infrastructure, operations and culture are constraining innovation and strategic business growth, with 49% indicating these factors are limiting their ability to drive the business forward “to a great extent” and 40% “to some extent.”

The move to digital is not just about being “high-tech”. It offers real, tangible results that make everyday operations headache-free. The majority of managers recognize the competitive advantage it offers and are embracing the shift. However, nearly half of the firms are still in the early stages of this digital journey. Now is the perfect time to get a head start.

Field form digitization can optimize field data collection, helping your firm distinguish itself as an innovative industry leader. QNOPY makes the transition seamless. If not now, when?