Working from the same office is so much more fun for a change!

One of the most integral parts of QNOPY is the high value we place on teamwork. Making the clean and highly customizable digital field forms we create require good communication across app developers, customer success engineers, the marketing and sales department, and operations management. Like many companies after the pandemic, QNOPY functions remotely; while this seems like a barrier to good team communication and bonding, it has proven to be anything but.

Working Remote

Emily, Will, and Ice work together

QNOPY is all about creating field forms that function for your team- making data easier to access across team members, and modeling our forms after what your team is already used to. To successfully create field forms that function for teams, teamwork and collaborative effort must also be a large part of our business model. If that’s the case, why work remote?

Our remote work environment means we can find the people most suited to the company, no matter where they’re located. Countless video meetings, collaborative brainstorming, and the occasional meme means that seeing each other on screens doesn’t prevent us from experiencing team bonding every day of the week.

When we do get a chance to get together in person- it’s even better!

Team Bonding

The QNOPY team got the chance to meet at the main office in Atlanta last week- and for many of us, it was the first time seeing each other outside the limits of a computer screen. The opportunity of working together in real time was one that none of us took for granted. Projects that would usually be conducted individually became collaborative, and were learning opportunities to explore work outside of our usual job description. Outside of work, we enjoyed s’mores around the fire, tennis matches, basketball (with two former Dartmouth’s MVPs), a trivia night, and an escape room (we made it out alive).

What does Teamwork mean for us and you?

We Escaped!

While these and more fun activities may seem irrelevant to improving our software, I would argue the opposite. Any product is only as good as its team, and team communication is fundamental to company culture and growth. One of the benefits of being a QNOPY user is the ease with which data is shared to your team members. On top of that, QNOPY users are able to digitize the field forms that their company has become accustomed to and likely created together. Encouraging unity in data collection seems peripheral to team bonding- but I would argue that collaborative data collection is a piece in the teamwork puzzle. That’s why QNOPY creates customizable digital field forms that are crafted for your unique team, by ours.

By: Emily Grasberger

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