Best of both worlds: Standardization with flexibility!

Standards and procedures are necessary to make work products consistent across the company and ensure continuity. They are even more important when it comes to field work. Field work happens on a finite timeframe and there are no do overs if you miss recording some data.

However, in a large organization, it’s tricky to enforce standards across the board. Projects and project managers’ needs vary depending on the site conditions, regulatory requirements, and regional factors. Generally, people don’t like to change and push back on any kind of top-down enforcement.

QNOPY offers a solution to this problem. Standard operating procedures and field forms can be defined at the top corporate level, while each project or region can customize their field forms to suit their requirements. Data collection is flexible and customized, but the outputs are consistent.

We work with large and small engineering companies and have been helping them implement field digitization for over 7 years. Contact us if you want to know more!