SME Signed Up to Digitize Field Projects With QNOPY Platform

We are excited to announce that SME has adopted QNOPY Platform to digitize their field projects.

With the QNOPY end-to-end field and lab data digitization platform, SME will be able to provide better service to their clients. Instant access to field data and complete digitization provides better quality data as well as the ability for teams to collaborate while working remotely.

With locations throughout the Great Lakes Megaregion, SME offers valuable local insight, convenient access to our comprehensive consulting and engineering capabilities, and global reach.

Throughout the Great Lakes Megaregion and beyond, SME works closely with critical market segments to engineer, design and rehabilitate sustainable, safe and high-performance facilities and infrastructure. From commercial developments to industrial facilities, from schools and hospitals to public spaces, and from roadways to runways, we improve our communities and our world.

We look forward to working with SME and their awesome team of experts!