Laboratory Data Module

QNOPY Laboratory Data Module is designed to provide you with quick access to your lab data. It frees your data from the traditional data dungeons. With few clicks, you can plan your sampling events, track sampling progress, generate chains of custody, and import lab data. QNOPY has a new approach to handling laboratory data with the ability to accept data from any laboratory, and in any flat file format.

Instant Data Access

You have instant access to your lab data. You can search for data on a simple web page: select project, select analytes, and select date range to view your data. You can also filter by the sampling location. 

Data can be exported into Excel tables.


Print Analytical Data Tables

You can export your final report tables with just a couple of clicks. QNOPY database managers will set up your table formats as part of the initial onboarding. 


Plot Data

You can plot data to view trends. 


EDD Import

QNOPY provides the labs with flexibility to use their edd format. Our database managers map the lab’s EDDs to fit into the QNOPY laboratory database. Only required information in the EDD are the name of the client, project, and sampling location. QNOPY provides an email inbox where the labs can simply send the EDDs.

EDDs are processed in a queue and automatically loaded into the laboratory database.


Data Validation

Data validators can upload validation qualifiers into the laboratory database. You can add validation notes as well.


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