A Customizable Field Data Mobile App for you- QNO-me

I’ve worked at QNOPY for nearly two years, and my favorite part by far is watching how each of our clients customizes our application to fit their individual field data needs. QNOPY is truly the best of both worlds. We are built to function perfectly within the environmental and construction industries, but we also provide un-paralleled flexibility to meet each client’s needs. QNOPY is the customizable field data mobile app you’ve been dreaming of- I want to highlight some of my favorite ways that our clients have customized and creatively configured the app:

Customizing Construction Progress Surveys and Asset Management Inventories and Reviews w/ the Mobile App

Photologs are easy to make with QNOPY!

Using QNOPY’s powerful photo management and photolog capabilities, our clients have seen great success in providing clean and quick reports for construction progress surveys as well as asset management reviews. Our photologs are impressive deliverables in themselves, but our clients have taken the customization a step further by adding asset-specific, site-work specific questions that are automatically tied to photos. With QNOPY, field staff are able to communicate issues quickly and effectively to project managers in the office.

Biological Inventories and Environmental Impact Surveys

Counting chickens is easy with QNOPY!

Need to count all the vegetation in a mile long transect? How about all of the avian species on a cliff face? Maybe frogs in a pond? QNOPY’s got you covered. Using the ability to repeat questions with our ‘sets’, prepopulated transect information, and conditional questions our clients are able over 500 species in minutes. Each biological form contains searchable pre-populated pick lists of over 1000 species, so field staff are never left typing out the entire scientific name. The favorite thing I’ve learned from working with biological forms: the scientific name for chicken is gallus gallus domesticus.

Industrial Health Exposure Monitoring, Air Sampling, Asbestos and Chemicals of Concern Sampling

Upload site maps and mark them up right in our app!

You never know what you’re going to get when a new site for exposure monitoring comes along. Luckily, QNOPY is as flexible as industrial health subjects and surveys. Our clients that use QNOPY for industrial health benefit from being able to customize forms quickly with new questions as well as being able to have multiple forms connect across the same location. Our tasks module works really well for industrial health work for marking corrective actions and tracking them over time. My favorite use of QNOPY is how our clients utilize the project folder to mark up site maps and floor plans to show sample locations and points of interest at their sites! Sometimes I see a fun doodle as well :).

Phase I Checklists

You might be wondering why Phase I’s are my in my list of favorites. While they are routine and repeatable, our Phase I checklists is full of fun features that make Phase I visits easy and very smooth. We use conditional questions to minimize questions that aren’t applicable to the site. The best part? We give you an output of notes and photos that you can export into PDF (report ready), Word (for extra edits), or excel (for database entry). Phase Is are no longer headaches!

Groundwater monitoring in French, Portuguese, British English, Spanish! Customize your language in the app

Did you know that QNOPY is used world wide? Our app matches the language of your device making it easy for our clients around the world to use QNOPY to assist them in their groundwater monitoring events and more. With the ability to choose units and adjust stabilization parameters, our app easily travels across borders. I’ve personally enjoyed learning environmental terms in many languages!

Customizable Field Data Mobile App: customize your language like Cownopy!

So- what are you waiting for? You won’t find another customizable field data mobile app quite like ours!