Why use Qnopy and not keep messing with a Form Builder

I get this question all the time: how is QNOPY different from a generic form-builder? Here is what makes QNOPY different and way more valuable:

  1. Database structure: QNOPY database is designed specifically for environmental projects. There is a table for Projects and a table for wells or other types of field points like soil borings. A form-builder database is generic so you must adjust your process to work with the form-builder’s system.
  2. Place for historic data: you can upload all your historic data for your project into QNOPY
  3. Historic range-based validations: QNOPY gives you in-app checks to see whether the reading you recorded is within the historic range for the location
  4. Perfect fit for the field workflow: QNOPY’s mobile app is built to mimic the field workflow. Our app makes life easier for the field staff. On the other hand, the form-builder does not mimic the field workflow and as a result is confusing and far less intuitive. In fact, the end user will often quit using their form-builder app as it becomes a nuisance.
  5. Here are just a few QNOPY features that none of the form builders have:
    1. Automated stabilization calculations for groundwater watch video
    2. Upload well construction details
    3. Soil boring logs export to GINT or Logplot
    4. Events that mimic actual field event like second quarter sampling
    5. GPS tagging of wells and borings
    6. Chain of custody
    7. Laboratory data integration
    8. System O&M setup

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