QNOPY Mobile App for Soil Boring Logs

The QNOPY Soil Boring form is one of our most advanced and customizable applications. We have gone through many iterations of the soil log over the years and have arrived at this current version that’s loved by our clients. It not only provides an easy way to digitize your boring logs but also acts as a training tool for new geologists. It prompts them to record required information and in a sequence that improves the quality of the boring log.

QNOPY Soil boring log form is completely configurable and can be easily molded to fit your style of logging soil borings.

You can export the log into PDF format or download it as an Excel file which can be easily imported into GINT.

Soon there will be integrations with other boring log visualization applications using APIs. Stay tuned!

Conditional formatting, automatic calculations, and multiple selects make filling out the form easy and fast- limiting the amount of time spent recording data and allowing you to focus on the boring.

Guiding the user to classify soil accurately and consistently

Depending on what you select as your primary particle, the subsequent questions change, as shown on the left. If you pick silt or clay then the app will prompt you to answer questions related to fine grain type soils.

Classifying soil types, though simple on the face of it, can be pretty tricky for someone who hasn’t logged hundreds of soil borings. You have to follow a specific flow chart. We have designed the app to capture this flow chart.

Here is a one of the examples: primary particle

Each question then has valid options to choose from.

The available options for any of the questions can be easily adjusted based on your internal standards.

This makes your boring logs look consistent across the board. It doesn’t matter whether a senior geologist is logging the boring or a fresh grad; the quality of your soil logs remains the same.

As you select the soil classification options, the app automatically builds your soil description in a paragraph format. Here’s an example: “bluish gray mostly poorly graded / uniformly sorted subrounded to rounded fine to medium SAND, some clay, few silt. (Slightly Moist, dense, moderate cementation). Similar to sand above but dense”

Split screen & boring log view for quick review and navigation

One difference between a paper form and a smart device is the amount of screen real estate available. Soil logs have a ton of information, and you need to have a quick view where you can see what you entered before you miss anything. The QNOPY mobile app has a custom built soil log report view to look at the entire log at a glance.

You can simply click on an entry to edit it or click on the blank space to enter missing data.

Each column in this view on the right represents one tab.

You can easily see if you are missing any data and click on the blank cell to open that particular tab with “Depth” automatically populated for you.

Make life easier for the geologist

Every feature and flow is designed to make data entry easy in the field. Here are just some examples of how we simplify your data entry:

  • Pre-populate certain fields: Before your head out to your drilling job you can create your project and set a bunch of the fields up-front. Name of the drilling company, type of a drill-rig, type of PID or FID used, boring diameter, backfill material used, and more can be pre-populated
  • If-then-else type questions: Depending on what you pick, the subsequent questions can change so that only relevant questions show up
  • Munsell color charts: We have created simple dropdowns for you to select Munsell Color codes
  • Quick boring log report view: Keep tabs on your entire boring log. You can see if you missed something or need to edit any of the entries
  • Email pdf log: You can simply email the soil log to your PM or just yourself from the mobile app
  • Copy description from one depth to next: “Same as above” might be something you’ve written on a paper log before. Now, you can copy the entire description from one depth range to the following depth range
  • Automated calculations: Anything that you need to use a calculator for can be simply programmed in the app.
  • Take pictures and draw over them: Pictures of the core and color pallet get attached to the particular depth range you are entering data for. You don’t need to put a scrap of paper to identify the depth any more. The more pictures the better!
  • Voice to text: Certain long descriptions can be simply dictated to the app. No need to type at all
  • Create new borings: You can add new borings and step out soil samples in the app. You can geo-tag the new locations as well

It’s all transparent – why don’t you try it for yourself?

The goals of the soil boring application are simple:
  • Digitize and save time back at the office
  • Create consistent and better quality soil logs
  • Simplify data entry in the field
  • Provide highly customizable solution to fit your workflow
Schedule a call with our technical experts today and see how you could get your hands on our soil logging app.