K. N. Murthy Joins Qnopy

We are delighted to welcome Mr. K. N. Murthy to QNOPY as our key advisor. Krishniah Murthy, recently retired as Executive Director for Transit Project Delivery at Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, has nearly 50 years of rail transit and highway design and construction management experience. He has managed and implemented several multi billion dollar projects nationally and internationally. His 40 plus years in Private industry managing programs and his Public service as an executive brings a very unique and meaningful perspective to implementation of new and innovative technologies in the construction industry at large. He is a registered engineer in the State of California, recipient of life time achievement award from AAa/e,and ENR top 25 performer.

“The design and construction industry, be it geotechnical, environmental, or construction, requires information as explored in the field to make collaborative decisions with the field personnel. The ability to record the field data and transmit them in real time to decision makers provides a new platform for transparency and improve upon initial conclusions drawn from just field observations alone. QNOPY fills in the missing gap and improvises the efficiency and cost effectiveness.” – K. N. Murthy

Date: January 2, 2015
By: Saurabh Gogate