Field Data Digitization: Save Time and Reduce Mistakes with QNOPY

QNOPY can save you time and money by streamlining data collection in the field. How? With time-saving preset values, the QNOPY mobile app takes field data digitization to the next level. 

Preset Values 

Ever have to write the same information over and over again, even on different forms on the same day? What about having to copy data over from internal documents or previous field sheets before you can start taking data? Not anymore! With QNOPY, you and your field staff can save time by having certain parts of your forms fill in automatically so that you and your team can focus on the task at hand. 

Before you head out into the field, you can set preset values for any part of any form in the QNOPY web portal. These preset values preserve critical info like groundwater well dimensions and measurement units, and they reduce the risk of entering any mistakes. They’re also fully editable—that way you can still record unexpected data. With the QNOPY mobile app, you will be ready for anything the field can throw at you. 

Need your last field sheet to automatically pop up when starting a new one? No problem! Whether the values come from historical data, data from recent field sheets, or company standards, the QNOPY mobile app can fill in any field automatically once set up in the web portal. QNOPY takes field data digitization to the next level, saving you time and reducing mistakes in the field.

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