Updated Electronic Chain of Custody (e-COC) Module

The goal behind our electronic chain of custody module is to provide an efficient tool for creating a chain of custody on the Web and then make it available to the samplers in the field. For shipping any samples to a lab, be it groundwater, soil, or air samples, you will need a printed copy of the COC to accompany the sample cooler. With our latest COC module, you can now print the COC from your phone or tablet on site.

Here are some of the additions to the COC module:

Unique containers based on Lab you select:

You can pick the lab you want to use and then pick the analytical methods. The program will automatically pick the required containers and quantities based on the lab’s requirements. Labs have different instrumentation and the quantities of samples they need vary.

Name the COC and attach to a field event:

Now you can name the COC such as “Oct 2020 Annual Sampling” and also schedule a sampling event as you setup the COC.

Print COC from the phone app:

You can download the COC onto your phone and print it in the field. There can be multiple samplers for a sampling event. All the samples will get combined into a COC package which can then be printed over a bluetooth printer in the field.

Confirm sample containers:

All the required containers will show up as Check boxes in the mobile app. You can check them off as you fill them up. This would help avoiding missing sample containers.

Print sample labels in the field:

There is an option to print sample labels from the field mobile app with any type of a Bluetooth label printer.