Digitizing field data: driving internal user adoption

If you have been part of any digitization effort, you know user adoption is the biggest hurdle when implementing any field application.

Fieldwork is fast paced. There is very little time for users to learn and make use of a mobile app while simultaneously completing their tasks. If a mobile app doesn’t flow exactly how your field users expect it to, you will not get much adoption.

Working with enterprise clients for over 7 years, we have narrowed the key factors affecting user adoption to the following:


Is the app easy to use? A mobile field app should require little to no training. The bar is pretty high for usability these days and no one wants to waste time on training.


How versatile is the app? Can users record all types of field data in the same app?

Responsive customer service

Every software application will have issues and users will need assistance from time to time. Is your customer service team responsive and knowledgeable?

Leadership commitment

Are you committed to your digitization strategy? A lot depends on how leadership drives the digitization. Enforcing the corporate policy along with incentivizing adoption makes a difference.

We will help you implement your internal data digitization strategy. We offer a robust proof of concept (POC) implementation that will help you assess our digitization platform as well as iron out your internal processes.

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