QNOPY Data Collection App- Data Approval

QNOPY’s environmental data collection app not only gives real-time feedback to field staff and project managers, but it also keeps everyone on the same page after data collection has finished. How? QNOPY’s approval workflow ensures data of the highest quality by keeping everyone in the loop from project setup to data collection to validation. 

Approval Workflow 

With approval workflow enabled on your QNOPY project, field users won’t notice any change while taking data, whether that’s groundwater monitoring, health and safety forms, daily forms, or any data you need for your clients. Where the change happens is after data collection is completed.  Once a field user finalizes and submits their data, it goes to the next stage of the workflow: Review and approval. 

Project managers, admins, and anyone else assigned as a data approver can log into the QNOPY web portal to view, review, and approve or reject any and all data. This can happen in-the-moment for time-sensitive data like health and safety checks or other potential violations. Whenever the data is reviewed, the approver can approve or reject it and send it back to the original users for further edits.  

With approval workflow, QNOPY becomes all you need to run an efficient, safe, and cost-effective project in any industry, from environmental to construction and beyond. The approval workflow can even be used as your company’s way to keep track of time sheets and payroll!  

Why not give it a try and see why Ramboll, Wood, Haley & Aldrich, and more choose the QNOPY data collection app for their project management? 

By: Will Duffy

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